My Story

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

My name is Thu Ngo Vu, a female entrepreneur from Hue who loves creating experience with missions. 
Growing up in a Far East Country, Vietnam, I feel proud of my origin and culture. It taught me to become resourceful and entrepreneurial. Since my young age helping my mother’s MOBILE book & equipment store on a SCOOTER, I learnt to be different, to catch customer’s trend, and most importantly, to deliver the best customer service.
At college, I heard my calling in Travel. With 4-year studying Business Management in Tourism, I was so ready to soak in my country’s thriving travel trends. I spent the next 4 years leading group of travelers, visitors, exchange diplomats learning about my country’s history, education, way of life,…
My journey continued with a privilege of being host for world-class director Alejandro Gonzalez and his family in Vietnam; production assistant for Chef. Bobby Chinn in Ho Chi Minh city; interpreter and spokesperson for GEI Education Travel Program.
Last picture before saying goodbye after 4 days with Alexandro Gonzalez’s family in Hue and Hoi An area.
In the same year, I won the Professional Fellow Program Fellowship by US State Department after a competitive selection. To be a Vietnam Exchange Visitor in Arkansas, I loved every minute of it and felt more empowered in my entrepreneurship journey. I could not wait to go back to Hue and change the world the way I wish it to be…
Thu Ngo when doing an internship in Arkansas State Tourism in 2015.


“If you want something in life, the whole Universe conspires for you to get it,” said Paulo Coelho.

That was true in my case! My burning desire of being an entrepreneur and empowering people was more fueled with the chance to meet former US President Barack Obama. 

In 2015, I was chosen as one of 25 Vietnamese delegates to meet Former President Barack Obama at Town Hall Meeting in Kualar Lumpur.

His talk was about “Entrepreneurship and the power of Youth in South East Asia in changing the world“, I could not help but burst to tears with this special endeavor.

I knew right away my path: to be entrepreneur, to inspire others of my country’s history through travel and to bridge understanding between nationalities.

Thu was among young South East Asian Leaders in former president Barack Obama’s audience.

Today, I am the CEO of Bee Bee Travel.

We inspire you with the noble history of Vietnam!

Not only that, when you tour with us, your money will go support war victims living with Agent Orange.

My passion to tell the world my country’s history was recognized by a USA TV show. 

In 2018, I was guest speaker and coordinator for Full Measure with Sharyl Attkinson in their travel/history documentary of Tet Offensive Hue, Vietnam which aired on Sunday morning on Jan 20 2019, Washington D.C time. 

I am humbled and thankful for all the opportunities in my life. It’s time for me to give back to my country, Vietnam and my beloved hometown of Hue. 

If you love history, local culture and genuine friendship, we can’t not wait to accompany you on your learning experience in our beautiful country Vietnam!

Your Trip is More Meaningful with a Local Friend!

Like you, I had no idea who to trust when traveling to a new destination.

That’s why I made Bee Bee Travel, a boutique travel agent dedicated by many lovers of Hue, the ones who’d like to promise you “We will make you love Hue like we do”.

Of course, I can not take you on every tour. However, the tour guide that I employ are experienced licensed tour guide and government experts who love telling meaningful story as much as I do.

Together, we will make sure you have a great learning experience while enjoying your vacation in Vietnam with best of class comfort and service.    

It’s About The Journey, not the Destination.

You are about to embark on an inspiring journey in Vietnam. It’s a journey of learning our proud history, soaking in our amazing street culture, interacting with the friendliest people on earth.

We are here to create memory with you in that journey, with kindness, enthusiasm, and respect!

Tour with Steve’s family | Hue Countryside Tour


Make Viet Culture Shine

Always Be Creative

All for Social Growth and Environment



The tax monument during the French Revolution story.

A story in each tour: Each of our tours are designed based on one period of Vietnam history. You have many tour options out there to “conquer” Hue or Hoi An with very cheap price. As a group of people who take prides in our cultural values, it’s painful for us to arrange such “instant noodle” tours for you.

What you urge to learn from us?

The birth of Hue, Vietnam? Go for the Perfume River Tour.

The many wars Vietnam has been through? Go for Hue Walk of Revolution.

The Nguyen Feudal Era and how it influenced Vietnam society? Go for Hue Walk of Imperial City.

The Street Culinary of Hue and how Hue people eat the way we eat nowadays? Hue Walk of Street Culinary.

Are you willing to go slow with us?

Explore more of what we offer here.


Hue War Museum | Hue Walk of Revolution tour

Our tours help you to soak in Vietnam cultural values. You only FEEL oneself culture by sharing, exchanging information and by doing things together in small group. Please be daring to participating in our activities. We might take you to experience something different from what people are doing in Hue.

Are you a tourist or a traveler?



He does the job not only for himself but most importantly for the reputation of his country.


A dedicated person to friendship, who is loved by his family, his partner and friends.


A growing country can only be built by people who are willing to share and help out his fellows, and by those of whom caring for the living condition of his future descendents.


Content Team
Marketing Team
Tâm Trần

A beautiful young lady from Foreign Language University background, Tam is thriving to become top-notch tour guide in Central Vietnam. She loves fashion and local eatery. You shall not get hungry with her!

Trình Trương

A young man with English Major Background, Trinh loves adventures and discussing about history and polictics. You shall have great debates while on tour with him. 

Thứ Nguyễn

My name is Bem, 25 year old.I am thoughtful, lovely, friendly.I love tourism even though my background is economic. I hope that i will help you discover Vietnam cuisine as a local people.

Kiều Anh Nguyễn

Im kieu anh and people can call me Anh. I was born in hue but grew up and lived in quảng bình with my family. My hometown is considered as the kingdom of caves in Vietnam. I am very proud of being a part of beebeetravel and tour guide as well. We are not only co-worker but also dear friends.

Loan Nguyen

My name is Loan. I work as an English teacher and tour guide. I'm active, friendly and enthusiastic girl as many people said. For me, never do i work for money, i just work for my passion and enthusiasm only.

Thư Ngô Vũ

Thư founded Beebee Travel by coincidence but she is loving every minute of it. She loves helping travelers to have a great time in Vietnam while empowering others. She is sweet, humorous and could be a bit of a "trouble-maker" if you happen to meet her in our tours. 

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