Banh Khoai Lac Thien: “The best Hue Savory Pancake Restaurant”

Are you looking for the best Hue pancake restaurant among the numerous pancake restaurants? – I guess that Lac Thien restaurant is where you must visit to find out.
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Lac Thien Restaurant, according to a Hue local like us, is one of the best Banh Khoai restaurants in Hue. Not only for their delicious made Hue savory pancake but also for their passion and happiness that they deliver in each Banh Khoai.

What Is The Story Behind Lac Thien Restaurant?

 Ho Thi Tra - Start up Lac Thien Restaurant .
Madam. Ho Thi Tra – Startup Lac Thien Restaurant.

Lac Thien pancake restaurant is a remarkable place with the depth of history. This is grandma Ho Thi Tra, who has started up Lac Thien Restaurant in 1954 by the gate Thuong Tu, one of the entrances to Hue Citadel. Thus, the first name was Banh Khoai Thuong Tu.

Many years later, their family business was known as the Banh Khoai Lac Thien as it was the name of Madam Tra’s husband. Although she is 94 years old, she looks still healthy and smiley to every single guest who comes to eat at her place.

One thing that you might not find out, both of Tra and her husband had the hearing and speaking disability, their second generation came out with the same problem. However, this was not difficult to make the best Banh Khoai in Hue. Through 50 years experience, Lac Thien Hue savory pancake is more and more delicious with a particular flavor of the dish.

Mrs.Tra - Third generation in Lac Thien Restarant.
Mrs. Thuy – Third generation in Lac Thien Restaurant.

Nowadays, Thuy is Madam. Tra’s grandchildren, who is the third generation descendants in the family. Together with her siblings, she is taking over Banh Khoai Lac Thien.

What Is The Secret Of The Best Banh Khoai In Hue?

Have you experienced with “banh xeo” dish in the south of Vietnam yet? As far as I know, banh khoai is considered as mini versions of banh xeo. It has its original name “Banh Khoi” (smoke pancake). When cooking, it has smoke spreading in the air. However, the locals pronounce “khoi” into “khoai”, so currently it is called “ khoai” which also means happy cake in English. Certainly, you are more cheerful when enjoying it.

Banh khoai Lac Thien
The main ingredient made a Banh Khoai.

The Hue Savory pancake recipe is to create a crispy cake consisting of 3 parts: the base, the stuffing and the sauce.

The base of this pancake is made from rice flour with eggs which are fried until turning into gold color. The stuffing concluding some slices of pork, shrimp, bean grouts, eggs were put on top of the cake, then fried until crispy. Banh Khoai is folded in half and severed with a special sauce which is made from soybean, peanut, sesame, chopping pork and other secret ingredients.

The peanut sauce and fresh ingredient.
The peanut sauce and fresh ingredient.

Last but not least, Lac Thien Restaurant final secret recipe is their smile and a laughing. When you become their dinners, you are part of their family. They will serve you and entertain you with their amazing pancakes and funny tricks. You might wonder what it is, comes and check them out yourself then!

How To Eat Pancake?

There are two ways to eat “Banh Khoai Hue”.

The first way is that taking a piece of thin rice paper with green and fresh herbs like mint leaves, basil, then rolling it up and dipping into the tasty peanut sesame sauce.

The second one is easy, you only put all ingredient like star fruit, cucumber, fid, Banh Khoai, wonderful peanut sauce on your bowl and then enjoy it.

Where To Enjoy The Best Hue Pancake?

Besides, the best Lac Thien Banh Khoai, a lot of restaurants in Hue serves local food with different tastes. Bee Bee Travel highly recommends you visit places to try this delicacy.

Lac Thien Restaurant Opening hour: 8am – 22h30pm Price: 50,000 VND – 70,000 VND/Dish Address: No 6 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue City.

banh khoai

With a long history, this restaurant belongs to the top of Hue best local food. Banh Khoai in here is known for its savory dish. In addition to the usual tasty of pancake, you will feel a bit of sweetness in each cake as they send all their heart to the dish. Also, the hereditary sauce brings a significant taste compare with other restaurants.

Hanh Pancake Opening hour: 8am – 22pm Price : 20,000VND – 55,000 VND/Dish Address: No 11 Pho Duc Chinh, Hue City.

banh khoai

The dish looks yummy with variety color from ingredients such as shrimp, pork, green leek. This is a must – visit Hue food destination if you want to experience a burst of savor in your mouth. The crunchiness of the Hue legend cake will melt in your mouth when chewing.

Hong Mai Pancake Opening hour: 10am – 10pm Price: 10,000VND – 20,000VND/ Dish Address: No 78 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue City.

Hue Food Tour with Bee Bee Travel.
Hue Food Tour with Bee Bee Travel.

Are you interested in Hue cuisine? The food hunt helps you have intriguing discovering. Banh Khoai is good for you to explore Hue traditional food. Let’s go here to try with Bee Bee Travel with their awesome Hue Food Tour below.

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