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Che Sua in Hue: “Milk Che Dessert”

Whenever it comes to Hue cuisine, the Hue traditional food evokes the first in your mind. Although Hue is also famous for a variety of tasty Hue desserts, Che Sua is not mentioned much by people. So, there is no doubt that its presence contributes to the richness of Hue flavor. If you are Hue food hunter, Che Sua is a unique dessert worth exploring.

che sua

How to Cook?

The cooking processing for this dessert is easy. Yet, it is time-consuming that you have to cook each ingredient separately.

The first ingredient is green beans with no skin which must be soaked in cold water for a few hours. Then clean and cook it until smooth beans. Similarly, red beans cooked until it becomes softer. Finally, put the mixture of coconut flour, corn flour, and spices into the pot, then stir it until solid.

What Makes Che Sua Special in Hue?

Che is the best choice for you on sunny days. The mixture of ingredients with crushing ice is the most effective way to make your body cooler. Especially, the flavorful coconut sauce and milk make you irresistible. If you are a big fan of the sweetness, you can not miss this one of a kind taste of Hue.

Before eating, you have to mix well materials together in order to have a nice Che. You will sense all the flavors from the fatty taste of milk, beans and crispy peanuts in this unique combination. Moreover, it makes Che reduce sweet taste that you are not too bored to eat it.

Where to Eat Che Sua?

Che Sua is not only a delicious, nutritious but also very cheap, yet, there are not many places sell Che Sua in Hue. So, I recommend Che Sua at 156 Chi Lang Street to you. I hope it will match your craving for the sweet tooth in Hue.

Che Sua Nhat Hien

Opening hours: 2pm – 9pm

Price: 4,000 VND – 11,000 VND

Address: No 156 Chi Lang Street, Hue City.

che sua Nhat Hien

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