hue charity event at an tay center

A Happy Mid-Autumn Festival At An Tay Orphanage Center

Finally, our charity event has officially begun on afternoon Sunday last week. A Travel Mate and Bee Bee Travel were happy to receive donations from many organizations and individuals in Hue. About 10 Vietnamese and 8 foreign volunteers also made it to An Tay Center making the event so meaningful.

We would like you to see some of our moments in this blog post:

The Preparation

Before the Mid-Autumn charity event, our partner and co-workers from A Travel Mate shared with us their passion for a give-back-to-community activity that can connect Vietnamese and foreign visitors as well as bringing joy and happiness for those in need. 

hue charity event at an tay center

That’s why the idea of hosting Mid-Autumn festival for An Tay Center children came from. 

Surprisingly, we received tremendous support from individual as well as companies. Many financially donated so that we could buy school books and food supply for our children. And many support their time in bringing joy and laughter on the date. gift for an tay orphanage

At An Tay orphanage center, there are about 40 young kids aged 2 – 16 years old. Not only they need support for their study but also sharing and care from our community. It was such sweet to hear that everyone was excited when their manager said that we would come for a fun party at their home.  

Action Day

We firstly visit An Tay facility and living conditions for all 40 children here. While many students are happy with new clothes and shoes for the new school year, An Tay children don’t have that simple joy. Their clothing mostly comes from donations and school fee is free of charge for orphans in Hue. 

an tay facility

Our foreign volunteers helped to decorate the center with paper lanterns and flowers. 

hue charity event

While other helped to set up the stage, sweet treat and game show ready for the evening. 

The charity event started with an exciting dragon dance performance. This is the tradition on every Mid-autumn festival that children love the most.

dragon dance mid autumn festival

To show their appreciation, An Tay center performed a traditional dance by the students which was also very beautiful to see.

After this, it was time to award the scholarship for all the students here. This was their most joyful time. Inside the gift were new school bag, notebook, clothes donated by our kind patronages. Now they have a good boost for a new school year and score well at school!

give back to hue

Some of our foreign visitors also got to award these students:

Finally, it was game time!

At the end of the charity event, our foreign volunteers delivered a “thank you speech” to the organizer and An Tay orphanage for the beautiful opportunity to give back when they travel.

Final group photos before departing…

What’s Next?

This An Tay Charity Event was not the first one it won’t be the last one. With this first Hue charity event collaboration, we hope to encourage more and more of “give back while traveling” movement among our visitors.

As the late Mahatma Ghandi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 

What would you do to find yourself as travel?





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