NGO Foundation


This is a special foundation founded by Thu Ngo Vu in Nov 2019. Thu’s mother was a huge inspiration for Thu to establish this foundation.

As a retired teacher, Thu’s mother is an active volunteer in helping her community. Accompanying her mother on many road trips to remote areas of Hue that were polluted by Agent Orange dioxin during the Vietnam War, Thu has seen its biological impacts on people, especially children who are the 2nd and 3rd generation born after the war. 

Do you know there are roughly 4 millions of people in Vietnam being affected by and living with Agent Orange nowadays?

And, this poison substance infected water, crops, birds and animals still in Vietnam. Especially inthe forest near Truong Son Mountain range, border between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia?

These families are received a small monthly living allowance of $25 per household from Thua Thien Hue Social and Welfare Department and $10 from the Vietnam Veterans Fund.

This is not enough to support a family whose one of the bread-winners has to stay home and care for their child. 

Our Missions

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As Thu is aware of her privilege than many others, she founded NGO Foundation, a private fund with 2 missions in mind:

  • Bringing small joy to the special parents living with their children infected with Agent Orange.

With the help of her mother and Ngoc Nguyen, her co-worker, we set up a fund for 5 families. Each quarter, we will visit them with necessity goods such as rice, sanitary products, and small allowance to support them.

  • Planting student talents through educational scholarships. Every student counts!

Not being able to pay tuition fee is one of the reasons students drop out of schools in Hue. Thu believe, if we can support them right in time, there will be a hero not only for his family but also his community. A portion from NGO foundation will go towards students who need financial assistance for schools in Hue city.

Our Working Etiquette

  • Transparency

We believe this is key to a long-lasting foundation. Every year, we will report the total amount we have raised and what impact it has created to our audience, including you as our clients when touring with us. We commit to send you our report if having your emails at the end of the year.

  • Giving without asking things in return

We guarantee to keep our children information private and not use their images for any promotional purposes. We believe in the genuine endeavors. It’s how we feel that is most rewarding!

How can you support?

If you wish to give back while traveling, join our movement now!

By volunteer

We’d love for you to join us on one of our volunteer trips. This is a great opportunity for you to really immerse in a local Vietnamese community and have an experience of your lifetime.

Information of the charity trip will be published on our website and social media. 

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By touring with us

Book tour with us now and enjoy knowing that “every tour you purchase, $1 per person will go towards supporting family living with Agent Orange.

We’d love for you to have a great learning experience while giving back as travel.

By contributing to NGO Foundation

You can also support us by making a donated sum via our company’s account. Your money will be well-received and spent towards good cause.

Thank you and we can not wait to create change with you on this journey!


Thu Ngo Vu
Founder and CEO of Bee Bee Travel
Founder of NGO Foundation

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