Bun Bo Hue Cooking Class

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Start time: 8:30 & 14:00
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  • Experiencing cooking “the best soup in the world”, the Bun Bo Hue.
  • Learn the secret of Bun Bo Hue from a local Hue chef.
  • Include a fun market tour at Dong Ba market.
Bun Bo Hue Cooking Class |Cooking The Legendary Bun Bo Hue With Local Chef

If you are a foodie and want to learn the art of making Bun Bo Hue, this is the special tour in Hue for you. Bun Bo Hue is one of the top Hue local food and the best soup of the world said late chef Anthony Bourdain. Surpringly, the technique of making Bun Bo is harder than eating it itself. For many foodie to love to create your own food, why not consider learning how to make the legend Hue dish with Bee Bee Travel? 

Proudly introduced, the Bun Bo Hue Cooking Class is a wonderful Hue half day tour introduces tourists to cooking and tasting “the best soup of the world”. Chef Anthony Bourdain was not wrong to say that! With a fun instruction from an English speaking chef, we believe that you can make tasty traditional Bun Bo Hue flavor easily when you return home. 

Especially, the Hue cooking tour will come with an educational tour to Dong Ba market. There, you will buy all the ingredients by yourself. A wonderful cooking experience will be waiting for you ahead.


Bun Bo Hue Cooking Class Menu
  • Bun Bo Hue: Traditional Hue beef and noodle in a savory lemongrass broth.
  • Bo Cuon La Lot: Pan-fried well-marinated beef wrapped in wild betel leaves.
What You Will Expect At Bun Bo Hue Cooking Class?

This unique Hue half day tour will fill you with amazing learning about Bun Bo Hue cooking art. Additionally, there is a fun tour in Dong Ba market learning necessary ingredients as well.

08:00 Market Tour

Firstly, we pick you up from hotel if you choose private tour. For join group tour, we will send you the meeting point address in Hue city center.

Interestingly enough, the Dong Ba market will be your first stop once arriving at Hue cooking school. Bun Bo Hue recipe requires many local ingredients. Thus, we will buy cooking materials for yourself.
In the meantime, you get to see a wonderful local market in Hue and learn Vietnamese way of life.
While enjoying a
Vietnamese tea with your English Speaking chef, you get to learn the story of Bun Bo Hue. More importantly, how it became famous internationally.
Later, we will prepare the ingredients and learn to cook the best Bun Bo Hue.

10:00 Time to be Hue MasterChef!

It is time for you to cook hands-on Bun Bo Hue. Additionally, you will learn to cook a second dish for your English Speaking Chef.
It is the “
Bo nuong la lot”, a wonderful combination of pan-fried marinated beef wrapped in wild betel leaves. Also, you shall learn to make the pepper, salt and lemon seasoning. Yum!
Finally, the lesson will finish at lunchtime. Now you officially become a real Bun Bo Hue masterchef.

12:00 Enjoy your cooking

Once finish having lunch, you will be saying goodbye to our wonderful hosts and head back to town. Last but not at least, you will be provided list of ingredients and cooking techniques to practice at home.

Travel Tips

4 useful tips for a great Bun Bo Hue Cooking Class

1. Tell us your diet in advance.

so that we can prepare your creation well. In addition, if you wish to do a Hue Cooking Class tour with an alternative food that is not on any of our menu, just give us a shout!

2. Is your partner a vegetarian, but you are not?

Give us a shout! Maybe you’d like to check out Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class OR Hue Vegetarian Food Tour

3. Make the most of your time
  • by planning and reading ahead. We believe “Your trip is more meaningful with a local friend” to explain Hue culinary art. More importantly, showing you how to make beautiful local cuisine to take home. Besides, to have a better understanding of these special local Hue food you are about to make, read more:
  • We have many other Hue cooking experience for you to consider.
    • For example, the Hue Local Food Cooking Class. You get to learn making three Hue traditional food with an optional menu to choose from.
    • Another great experience for you is to do the Hue Countryside Cooking Tour. Imagine, learn how to cook with local farmer in a green farm! What is more is the interaction with local people in rural area and the visit the famous Thanh Toan Japanese bridge! Thus, don’t leave us early! Stay and explore the amazing Hue with Bee Bee Travel. 
4. What to prepare

good walking shoes, water and good camera. Moreover, we will provide you colorful conical hat or funky poncho to protect yourselves from weather in Dong Ba Market.

What to consider before booking

Tour Guide

  • English speaking instructor


  • Two way transportation from/ to hotel
  • All food/ coffee/ tea that mentioned in the program
  • Hue Market Tour
  • Souvenir and recipe to bring home
  • Water and wet tissue
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal tip
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