Hue Walk of Revolution

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Start time: 08:30 & 14:00
Availability : Now
DMZ Bar, 60 Le Loi, Hue City
Max People : 6 per Group

Special Tour


  • Experience the ONLY HUE WALKING TOUR compelling excellent progress of French and American Wars in Hue
  • Trace the ruins of famous Vietnam War incidents in Hue
  • Learn Hue's role during the Vietnam War from Vietnamese perspective
Hue Revolution Walking Tour | Vietnam during French and American War

Vietnam was continuously at war for almost 45 years, from the beginning of World War II through the early of 1990s, battling France, the United States, China and Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge.

– said US President in Hanoi Summit. 

How did Vietnam from a country which loved peace but had to suffer war for century? Why did France invade Vietnam? Why is it called “the Vietnam War”? You may also wonder what happened in Hue during the Tet Offensive 1968? How did the Vietnamese fight for our peace?

And, many more questions need answers? Join our Hue Walk of Revolution now! 

Proudly present, the Deluxe Hué Walk of Revolution is a small group Hue half day walking tour. We specifically design for travelers seeking a deeper understanding of Vietnam during the two Indochina Wars: The French War and American War. An experienced guide from Hue will cover the ground with you and tell you story from Vietnamese perspective.

The ones whose lives lost are ones who appreciate peace the most!


When you book this tour, we donate US$1 per person for the Vietnam Agent Orange Victim’s Fund

Wars are over to most Vietnamese, but not yet to some…

Join us to help bring small joys to those special parents out there! 


08:30The Struggling Of An Nam under France

Your Hue Revolution walk will start with an introduction of Vietnam in the beginning of France colonization. The Nguyen Empire failed to protect the country’s sovereignty while the greed of the West for new market gradually swallowed the East.

Have you heard of the body tax policy France applied to An Nam? Our English Speaking Expert Guide will deliver a fun and interesting introduction to Vietnam revolution at this point.

09:30The Vietnam War in Hue

Part two of your half day walking tour in Hue will dig deeper in the Vietnam War, a controversial topic that many Vietnamese and oversea folks still argue about. Our group will visit the Thanh Tu Dao Memorial in Hue Center to learn about the opening of Vietnam War and the Vietnam division in DMZ area.

An incident in the summer of 1963 that most people did not talk about is the Buddhist Crisis in Hue under Ngo Dinh Diem reign. What was the role of Hue in this picture and how it ended in 1963? A short but fascinating presentation of Vietnam War starting point will be pictured for you at this site.

Finally, with visual documents, our guide will help to explain what happened in Hue during the most famous Battle of Hue, the Tet Offensive. With the witness of the iconic Truong Tien, you will understand how much the imperial city of Hue had revived after that battle.

10:30The Hue Local Way of Life

Walking on the historic Truong Tien bridge, we will do a fun walking tour through Dong Ba Market. Our change of topic will be around local way of life and a chance for you to experience one of the best local Hue food in this walking tour.

11:00The History Evidence

All wars had finally ended for the Vietnamese. However, Hue still houses many ruins recorded the journey of Hue from Champa civilization till The Vietnam War in its famous museum of Thua Thien Hue history.

In this walking route in Hue, our expert guide will show you great artifacts from 2000 years ago to the map of Tet Offensive. All is to sum up Vietnam history at this point.

This will guarantee an extremely rich experience that you can learn nowhere else in Vietnam.

11:00The Flag of Freedom

We end the Hue Walk of Revolution Tour in front of Ky Dai Bastion, another witness of wars in Hue. It withstood important changes in Vietnam revolution in 1968 and finally 1975. Wonder what they were?  

The Hue unique walking tour will conclude here with the forgiveness lesson of all Vietnamese and appreciation for peace for all nations.

Please note we only enter the two museums in Hue Citadel Complex. We do not take you inside the Imperial City of Hue!

If you wish to visit Hue Imperial City and Hue Forbidden City with a Hue local Expert Guide, you can see here.

Why we had this special Hue Walking Tour: Revolution for you?

1. A very special tour dedicated for those who lost their lives during the many wars in Vietnam…

My grandfather, who was a warrior for North Vietnam army during the 60s. My uncle who made himself to high rank officer left his wife and two daughters for the belief that “Vietnam should be for the Vietnamese”. 

These heroes in my family has inspired me do my own research and tell our country’s noble story in my own way. I am proud of my family’s tradition and more importantly, I am proud that I have made this tour come to life for those who loves learning the story of peace with us!

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2. Hue walking area

Hué Walk of Revolution is unlike any other daily tours in Hue. We will be walking to unnoticeable memorials in Hue that have unique links to Vietnam revolution. Its total walking distance is about 2,1 kilometers from the “French Boulevard” over the iconic Truong Tien bridge, Dong Ba market and to the Hue Citadel.

Please note there is a small walking tour of Hue Citadel, however, we won’t take you inside the Hue Imperial City. If you wish to visit this most important Hue attraction, you might want to do more of the Hue Walk of Imperial City Tour.

4. Entrance fee 

  • Deluxe Tour: we cover your total fee, Hue local food and donation to these war memorials.
  • Standard Tour: you pay 30,000 VND/ adult for the Museum of Thua Thien Hue history, your own local food and fruit in Dong Ba market.

5. Make the most of your learning experience

  • Choose the Deluxe Tour: While most tourists prefer to do what we call “the sheep tour”, this special walk is great for those who’d like to break from the crowd and eagerly learn the most intriguing chapter of Vietnam history with open hearts.
  • Also, our donation to these memorials is small, yet, meaningful enough for our government to pay attention to them. Yes, our history is sad but so beautifully patriotic that we dream of educating everyone about the lesson of resilience and forgiveness of the nation called “Vietnam”.
  • Plan and read ahead: please book ahead of time, however, for urgent tour, give us a shout in the live chat. Your trip is more meaningful with a local friend to explain details and tell your meaningful stories of the Hue unique war stories. To have a better understanding of the place before your visit, read more:

6. Hue Walk of Revolution departure time

Our tours start at 08’30 and 14’00 even in the rain. Tour duration is around 3 hours.

7. What to prepare for Hue Walk of Revolution

Good walking shoes, your curiosity and open heart! We will provide you with colorful conical hat or funky poncho to protect yourselves from weather.


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33 Reviews
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Carol Pui

Solo Traveller

Special tour that helps me understand more on the revolution and what did French and American meant to Vietnamese. The guide Lyn is clear and able to explain info to me.
Because the tour is different from other city / ancient sites tour, not many ppl selected this join-in tour. Would be great if I dont need to pay additional charges because it became a private tour as I am the only one who booked the tour.

November 3, 2019

Naomi B

Solo Traveller

I joined another group for this tour with only a few hours notice because Thu was so quick to respond and organise it.

My was an excellent guide. She’s very knowledgeable about all sorts of things and has great personal stories to bring the history mentioned in the tour to life. She pointed out many monuments I would have walked past otherwise. The tour was a great way to get under the skin of Hue in particular and Vietnam in general. I’m just sad I didn’t have time to do any of the others!

October 24, 2019

K Fallon

Solo Traveller

Hue Revolution walking tour
I had a fantastic time on the Revolution Walking Tour with Ms. Linh. I was lucky to be here during the low season so had the tour to myself. Linh was an excellent, knowledgeable, and friendly guide. The tour content was in-depth and Linh clearly loves her country and showing the city to visitors. As an American, learning the perspective of the Vietnamese people of the American war was eye opening. The tour was a great learning experience for me, and I appreciate Linh’s kindness and friendship for the day!

Meeting location was great and easy to get to, water was provided (much appreciated in the Hue heat, despite the relatively mild weather!), and I particularly enjoyed the mangosteen that we had from the market (if you have the opportunity to try it, you must – it’s delicious).

Many thanks to Bee Bee Travel and Linh for a great day!

October 11, 2019

Victoria Lynn

Couple Traveller

Excellent war tour in Hue
We did a walking tour with Quynh. He is extremely friendly and well informed and able to pass on his knowledge in a very well rounded way, mixing facts with personal experiences, e.g. how his grandfathers were on different sides in the American War and how that resolved itself. My husband is a war historian so they had lots to talk about. I highly recommend these tours as there is always a lot more learned than “just the facts”.

May 9, 2019

John P

Solo Traveller

Great Guide and an excellent walk through the sites of the 1968 General Uprising
I took this tour on a nice sunny day with blue skies and a temperature of 38 degrees. My main reason to take this tour is I wanted to walk the streets of Hue with an experienced guide and see for myself the streets where the General Uprising of 1968 took place (called the Tet Offensive outside Vietnam). Secondly, I wanted to take very good photos and this was immensely helped by the fantastic weather.
The tour guide was punctual and she was a recent graduate of the University of Hue majoring in tourism. Her name is Mai H (I will withhold her last name for anonymity).

She spoke near perfect English, had very good knowledge of the sites we walked to and had a pleasant personality. I learned so much about the sites and the historical background. I even learned about the red and gold flag of Vietnam and what each piece meant. Truly amazing.
I must add that Thu, the CEO of Bee Bee Travel has excellent customer management skills and responded very well to my inquires via email before I booked the tour.
The highlight of the tour to me was the Hue Provincial War Museum within the Citadel. The outdoor and indoor exhibits were outstanding. I got to see many of the weapons, armour, field artillery and aircraft used during the American War.
An interesting item in the indoor exhibit was the Soviet Dshk machine gun used so successfully by the Vietnamese People’s Army. I was always wanting to see a real copy of this weapon and it is almost impossible to see one anywhere else particularly outside Vietnam.
I managed to get excellent photos, my knowledge of Hue increased tenfold and I made some new friends. The tour is also very reasonably priced. Can anyone ask for more?
Well done Bee Bee Travel for bringing this unforgettable experience to the world.

April 30, 2019
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