Hue To Bach Ma Day Trip by car

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We surcharge $9/pax for the extra fee of services on Tet Holiday (from 02/02-09/02)


Hue To Bach Ma National Park by car

Best way to travel to Bach Ma National park

4 Seats

$75Per vehicle
  • Toyota Vios
  • Toyota Altis
  • Honda Civic
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Kia Cerato

7 Seats

$87Per vehicle
  • Toyota Innova
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Pajero Sport

16 Seats

$105Per vehicle
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Sprinter


You are getting bored with urban city wanting a perfect getaway to the jungle? Road Trip Hue To Bach Ma National Park will be a solution for you.

Bach ma national park is land to two types of forest: sub-tropical and tropical evergreen monsoon forest with altitude of 900 meter below the sea level. It’s known for beautiful Do Quyen waterfalls, narrow trails and decaying French villas. Its wildlife includes black bear, leopard as well as wild pigs and deers. Thus, Bach Ma is always the first choice for nature lovers. 

Furthermore, the summit of Bach Ma national park was used as a helicopter landing base by the US Army Vietnam war and this area was hearty defoliated during the fighting. However, Mother Nature healed quickly making it the top Hue attraction you must visit. 

Distance of Bach Ma National Park is about 40 kilometers away from Hue City Center. Thus, it will take around 90 minutes to get to Bach Ma summit. The first question is how best to do a day trip to Bach Ma from Hue? There are many ways to get to Bach Ma park but choosing to tour Bach Ma by private car from Hue is the best way many group of travelers consider. 

Traveling by Hue private car from Hue to Bach Ma, you can sit comfortably in a private car and enjoy the stunning sight of Hue countryside. The price for Hue private car is also reasonable in comparison with other tours, especially if you are travel in a large group.



  • Budget-friendlyway to save money if you are traveling with low budget.
  • Thrilling road trip from Hue to Bach Ma: the ride through the countryside on Highway 1 is a thrilling experience.
  • Hue countryside can be exposed fully en route.
  • Tiring trip especially, you need energy to do long hiking in Bach Ma.
  • Dangerous rideIt’s a bit dangerous driving on Vietnam Highway 1.
  • Complicated to get to Bach Ma summitYou need to wait for shuttle bus from bottom to Bach Ma summit. Plus, it’s a hassle to catch the returned bus when finished the hike.
  • Expensive shuttle bus fee: if there are enough travelers, you need to do full payment for it. 
  • Get lost easily: in the jungle if do not have a guide.
  • Hue bike rental: 150,000 VND/ day
  • Bach Ma shuttle bus: 40,000 VND/ day
  • Unfortunately Private shuttle bus: 600,000 VND/ round trip


  • A convenient full Bach Ma Tour: all services are included in the price.
  • Bach Ma Tour duration: total 6 hours from 07:00 to 14:00 everyday.
  • Daily departure from Hue city.
  • A tight schedule: you can not break from group to sightseeing or swimming in the lakes.
  • No privacy: there is not privacy in a bus tour to Bach Ma.
  • Expensive if traveling with more than 3 people in your group.
  • Exactly 600,000 VND/ person/ tour


  • Safe travel to Bach Ma from Hue city
  • Can enjoy fully all Bach Ma Attractions
  • Comfortable drive
  • Private drive
  • Drivers do not understand your wish since he does not speak English.
  • Price can be expensive in total because taxi price goes on meter. 
  • Some taxis are not clean.
  • Shopping scam: some might take you to shopping scams.
  • Approx. 2,200,000 VND/ round trip.


  • Safe travel to Bach Ma
  • Can stop whenever you want
  • Can enjoy fully Bach Ma summit and many lakes and springs.
  • The car is yours for full 6 hours.
  • Driver knows English and helps recommend local restaurant and photo stops en route.
  • It can be costly if travel alone
  • Exactly price of 1,690,000 VND ~ $75/ group.



8:00 Bach Ma trip pick up

Our friendly driver will pick you up at the hotel and begin Hue day trip to Bach Ma National Park.

On the way, we stop at lagoon to take some pictures and learn about the real life of local fishing village in Cau Hai Lagoon. After that, we continue the tour to exploring Bach Ma museum in the foot of the mountain.

09:00 On Arrival to Bach Ma 

We buy tickets to entrance Bach Ma national park with cost of 40,000 VND. Continue transport to the zero KM at Vong Hai Dai (Observer tower) to see a panoramic of Bach Ma view, Tam Giang lagoon and Truc Lam Zen meditation.

Continue driving 17 km to the top of the mountain, we enjoy the beauty of national park or if we’re lucky, we can see a Pygathrix nemaeus. It is a rare species of monkey famous for its extravagant appearance.

After that, you will do trekking to Hai Vong Dai andfrom here you can see Cau Hai lagoon, Phu Loc town, and majestic Truong Son Mountain.

11:00 Ngu Ho (the Five Lakes) and Do Quyen Waterfall

Continue trekking from Hai Vong Dai to five lakes. You can swim in fresh cold water.

After that, you continue trekking to Do Quyen waterfall at 300m high. From the top of the waterfall, we see the green forest and covering of Bach Ma national park. Especially, you should get to the foot of Do Quyen waterfall by passing 900 steps. If you are not in good health condition, it’s advisable not to do this!

15:00 Bach Ma national park tour end and return to Hue city

Once you finish your private tour from Hue to Bach Ma, we will take you back to town. Our driver can even take you to try Banh Cuon Thit Quay at Ba Suu Restaurant. You can try tasty Hue local food there. 


1. When is the best time to visit Bach Ma national park?

Bach Ma weather is dry and warm from March to October every year. From November and February, Hue weather tends to be rainy and stormy, thus avoid visiting Bach Ma during this time. To sum up, best time to visit Bach Ma is from March to May and September to end of October when the weather is cool and sunny.

2. Bach Ma opening hours: from 07:00 to 17:00.
3. Bach Ma entrance fee: is 40,000 VND/ person.
4. What are the best Bach Ma attractions to visit if traveling privately?

Five Lakes Trail (Thác Ngũ Hồ): There are a lots of lakes and waterfalls to swipe out the heat and humidity of Hue’s climate. The most common and famous one is Five Lakes Trail. The water is cool, clear so that you even see the lake’s bottom. Exploring the distinct different lakes will bring a very amazing experience. However, there will be green mold on the stone along the trail so that they will be slippery. Be careful to take a walk.

The Summit Tower ( Hải Vọng Đài): The Summit Tower, which is 1400m above the sea level, is a must visit place. Being in Hai Vong Dai, you can see Lap An Lagoon, Lang Co Beach and the sight far away. The Summit Tower will be the ideal spot for you to take beautiful pictures of landscapes. In addition, there is a bell that you can ring and wish all the happiness for your beloved ones.

Do Quyen Waterfall: Do Quyen Waterfall, also known as Rhododendron Waterfall, is a famous waterfall with its beauty. Along the trail of  Rhododendron flower blooming, which takes 689 steps to the foot of waterfall, you will feel to be lost in a Rhododendron Kingdom. Along with Do Quyen Waterfall, there is also another waterfalls which have their own features satisfying you with wonderful exploration.

5. What to prepare for Bach Ma:

Time: You have to set up plans to decide the specific itinerary and the duration of your journey. This visit will take at least nearly one day, for that reason, you need to think about it carefully.

Clothes: There are a lot of terrestrial leeches on the way, so that you have to bring clothes and boots that cover up your legs to avoid the leeches.

Sunscreen and hat if sunny: The climate is hot and the sunlight from the high altitude will harm you. Make sure that you bring your sunscreen and hat to protect you from the harmful sunlight.

Raincoat: if rainy

Repellent: there are a lot of reptiles in Bach Ma so that bring repellent with you to make sure that you have not any swell.

Swimming suit and towel

Torch and Map

6. What is the best Bach Ma National Park Tour company by bus?

You can join the group tour from Hue to Bach Ma National Park by Bus to ensure your trip with the best moment which will be accompanied with an English expert guide. He can take you through this stunning attraction with a lot of fun.

7. Bach Ma National Park Map:
8. Where to stay in Bach Ma: 

Staying in French Villas: These villas used to be the resting place for French dated back to the French War in Vietnam. Now they are hired with the price from 650,000 – 2,000,000/room. 

Camping: There are a number of camping areas which hire tent for camping with the price of 30,000/person, however, please stay cautious with the leeches in Bach Ma. 

9. Notice:

There are variety of leeches in Bach Ma which is so annoying to people. Please be prepared with thick clothes so that you can protect yourself from the force of leeches. 



Departure Location

  • Your hotel


  • 6 hours

Price Includes

  • 6-hour Hue car rental with driver
  • Professional driver (Basic English speaking driver)
  • Free Wifi on car
  • Petrol, road tolls, parking fees.

Price Excludes

  • Meals
  • Guide (extra $45/ English speaking tour guide/ day)
  • Entrance fee

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