Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class

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Start time: 8:30 &14:00
Availability : Now
Pick Up from Your Hotel
Min Age : 4+
  • Experiencing cooking “Hue Vegetarian” in the imperial city of Hue
  • Included a fun market tour at the vibrant Dong Ba market
  • Learn why many Hue Buddhists eat vegetarian twice per month
Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class | Pick The Art Of Hue Vegetarian Making

The Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class is a wonderful Hue half day tour introduces tourists to learning the art of making Hue vegetarian. This experience will be held in a local cooking center in Hue. With a fun instruction from an English speaking chef, we believe that you can make tasty traditional Vietnamese vegetarian flavors easily when you return home.

While most of cooking tour options in Hue cater a majority of meat-eaters, our idea is specially for those who still want to learn the art of Vietnamese cooking while staying put on your diet. Surprisingly, Hue is a wonderful land for vegan and vegetarian because it has a great Buddhist influence on our local cuisine. 

Furthermore, our vegetarian diet is a bit different from yours. For example, we do not use onions and garlic. Or we do not use egg in our dietary food. You might wonder why? Thus it will be crucial to understand the philosophy of eating vegetarian from a Hue local point of view. So let’s join our Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class with Bee Bee Travel now to find out! 


Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class Menu

The traditional Hue vegetarian

Beautifully speaking, this is a legend menu for curious visitors who have special crave for Hue traditional vegetarian food. It includes the making of Nem ran chay and Khuon Dau Sot Ca.

  1. Goi Cuon Chay: Fresh vegetarian spring rolls
  2. Nem Ran Chay: Hue style vegetarian deep-fried spring rolls
  3. Khuon Dau Sot Ca: Braised tofu in tomato sauce
  4. Hue vegetarian peanut dipping sauce

The bustling Hue flavor

Interestingly, this is an excellent menu to make home-cooked dinner for your family when you get home. You will be able to make two most famous Vietnamese vegetarian dishes. They are the tasty Goi Cau Vong and Nam Kho Gung Xa.

  1. Goi Cau Vong: Rainbow salad
  2. Nam Kho Gung Xa: Braised mushroom in ginger and lemongrass
  3. Khuon Dau Xot Ca Xi Dau: Tofu in tomato and soy sauce
What you will expect at Hue vegetarian cooking class?

This unique Hue half day tour will fill you with amazing learning about Hue vegetarian cooking art. Additionally, there is a fun tour in Dong Ba market buying necessary ingredients. All these experience will be by a thoroughly instruction from our English Speaking chef. Thus, you will guarantee to make simple and delicious vegetarian recipe to take home. 

08:30 Market Tour

Firstly, we pick you up from hotel if you choose private tour. One the other hand, for join group tour, we will send you the meeting point address in Hue city center.
Upon arrival at your Hue cooking school, the Dong Ba market will be your first stop. There, we will buy necessary ingredients for your Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class. While enjoying the Vietnamese tea with your English Speaking chef , you get to learn why eating vegetarian is important in the religious city of Hue. Later, we will prepare the ingredients and learn to cook.

10:00 Time to be Hue Master Chef!

It is time for you to do hands-on Hue vegetarian cooking class. The lesson will approximately finish at lunchtime so you can enjoy your beautiful creation. Finally, we’ll teach you how to make Vietnamese coffee from the filter. Now you officially become a real Hue vegetarian master chef.

12:00 Enjoy your cooking and giving back to community

Once finish having lunch, you will be saying goodbye to our wonderful hosts and head back to town. You will be provided list of ingredients and cooking techniques to practice at home.

Travel Tips

5 useful tips for a great Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class

1. Which food menu to choose?
  • Do the Traditional Hue vegetarian menu if you want to taste the original taste of Hue vegetarian.
  • Do the Bustling Flavor if you love experiencing cooking more of home-cooked vegetarian dinner. Not only you have a burst of flavors in your mouth,but also a feast for your eyes. Finally, this is a treat for your ears for many stories of Buddhism culinary in Hue.
2. Tell us your diet in advance.

Usually, there are peanuts, sesame and eggs in most of Hue vegetarian. If you experience allergy on any of those ingredients, just give us a shout!

3. Is your partner a vegetarian, but you are not?

Ideally, give us a shout! Well, I guess lady’s choice will come first. After all, you might learn some great recipes to cook for your girlfriend/ wife in the later years.

4. Make the most of your time by planning and reading ahead.

We believe “Your trip is more meaningful with a local friend” to explain Hue culinary art. Most importantly is showing you how to make beautiful local cuisine to take home. Besides, to have a better understanding of these special local Hue food you are about to make, read more:

  • Top 9 Hue vegetarian dishes for vegetarian foodie.
5. What to prepare for Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class

casual outfit and good shoes. Also, in case of rain, you will be provided a raincoat.

What to consider before booking

Tour Guide

  • English speaking instructor


  • Two way transportation from/ to hotel
  • All food/ coffee/ tea that mentioned in the program
  • Market tour
  • Souvenir and recipe to bring home
  • Water and wet tissue
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal tip
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