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Trung Vit Lon In Hue: “Is It That Scary to Try?”

Trung Vit Lon is very familiar to Vietnamese people. And, it is also popular in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines, Cambodia and so on. In contrast, it is a bizarre dishes for foreign visitors. If you are excited to try this unique dishes, this is a good opportunity for you to experience the exotic cuisine in Vietnam you have never heard before. Let’s try the baby duckling with Hue Food Tour to overcome this challenge!

trung vit lon.

What Does It Look Like?trung vit lon

The texture of baby duckling.

A normal duck egg will hatch after 28 incubation days, yet Trung Vit Lon is collected earlier, perhaps on the 20th while the embryo is developing. Then, it is boiled in hot water until completely cooked.

A Trung Vit Lon concluding the embryo which is the most nutritious part and is about to hatch. In fact, it looks grisly to eat. Next, the yolk is soft and has a yellow color. Finally, the white clot is called “Cục Chì” by Vietnamese people.

How Scary Is It to Eat?

Trung Vit Lon is one of favorite Hue street food by Vietnamese people. The baby duckling not only brings the appetite to the eaters but also is good for health.

On the contrary, for foreigners who have not seen a baby duckling in the eggs and never experienced before. All of them are afraid and confused when seeing it. Whatever though, you have to try it to feel the difference between Hue flavor and your country’s cuisine.

There are two ways to eat Trung Vit Lon:

The first way, you can eat Trung Vit Lon with pepper and salt.

trung vit lon voi muoi tieu.

Trung Vit Lon boiled and has kept warming until you eat.

Firstly, you must break eggshell, then put the entire baby duckling into a bowl or you can keep the whole it in the eggshell. Next, you can eat by using a small spoon. Normally, Trung Vit Lon is served with coriander and pepper salt.

According to Feng Shui in Hue cuisine, the law of yin and yang affect the changes in the body such as making the body warmer, cooler or even irritation, inhibition. If the dish is balanced by yin-yang, it helps you stay healthy and energetic. The reason why Thai basil is eaten in baby duckling dish is that it has a hot element while this special herb help to add cold elements. So, these two combinations are very harmonious.

As a result, it is not by chance that people find out the law of yin and yang in food. Nowadays, research and application of this theory in cuisine is also a culture of Asian.

Last but not least, the inside of duck egg has this juicy water you should not miss. Especially, the texture of duck eggs, pepper salt with fragrant herbs is the perfect combination. You will realize the taste of Hue in this delicious dish.

The other way, Trung Vit Lon is cooked with the gourd.

 “Trung Lon Um Bau” like duck eggs soup.

The cooking process of “Trung Lon Um Bau” is not hard. Firstly, the gourd is peeled and cut into small pieces. Next, the chef fry spring onion, basils and slices of gourd together until it is soft, then adding duck egg, water in the pot and continue to cook with spices until all of the materials cooked. The harmony of ingredients creates the sweetness of broth. What a surprising dish!

With this dish, you only need to take the dish from the pot into a bowl and enjoy it.

Where to Enjoy Baby Duckling?

If you are an adventurous person, the baby duckling is for you. You will notice that Vietnamese people often eat it in the evening. It is easy to find it on every road in Hue City.

Surprisingly, the baby duckling sold almost in the vendor by grandma with a small a typical sign of small oil lamp.

trung vit lon

Vietnamese people are eating Trung Vit Lon in the small stall.

Trung Vit Lon is a popular street dish in Hue, so it appears almost all of the corners street in here. It is not tough to find a spot to try, yet, you can drop by places below to explore.

Trung Lon O Hue

Opening hour: 5h30pm – 10pm

Price: 5,000 VND – 7,000  VND

Address: No 20 Nhat Le street, Hue City.

Trung Lon – Phung Hung

Opening Hour: 5h30pm – 9pm

Price: 5,000 VND – 7,000 VNd

Address: No 10 Phung Hung Street, Hue city.

It may not be scary if you mix baby duckling and accompanying materials while eating. It is possible that you feel cheerier after trying it for the first time. Honestly, although the baby duckling is a bit odd, you must-try at least try once in your life.

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