Hue Street Food: 9 Best Tasty Dishes for Adventure Foodie

Besides a series of Hue local food hunted by many visitors when stepping in Hue, the street food culture has grown and been at a spot light for adventure foodie to Hue as well. Surprisingly, Hue street food has this unique taste of Hue culinary and with incredible reasonable price, it should be a must thing to do in Hue for those who want to go really local!

Here lists of 9 best Hue street food you must try once in your life when visiting Hue.

Banh Mi Dong Ba

The three-generation Banh Mi recipe in Hue

banh mi is top hue street food
Dong Ba Bread

Banh Mi has been the most popular dish in the world nowadays. This is the top name of street food you must try in Vietnam and is great for breakfast, lunch to go or even afternoon snack. There are many Banh Mi branches in Hue, however, the Banh Mi Dong Ba brings a distinctive flavor to the richness of Hue culinary. If you are in Hue, do not forget to explore the distinctive fresh and hand-made Nem taste at this three-generation Banh Mi recipe branch. It won’t make you disappointed.

You can visit in their only two branches located in both South and North of Hue city.

  1. No 100, Chi Lang street, Hue city. Map me there
  2. No 45, Ngo Quyen street, Hue city. Map me there.

Banh Trang Trung

The special Vietnamese Pizza

What would you do in Hue on a rainy day?

Let’s go explore the Banh Trang Trung, the most delicious Hue street food that you should not skip! Eating a crunchy hot and flavorful Banh Trang Trung will make you forget the cat-and-dog rain outside. It has been the top choice among local people as  a great snack. The perfect combination of crunchy rice paper, the fragrant pate, dried beef and eggs base bring an irresistible taste. What is more wonderful is its reasonable price for such value you gain once trying. You can visit at Banh Ep Nguyen Du at No 20 Nguyen Du street in Hue city to enjoy both its aroma smell and do not worry about your budget.

Hen xuc Banh Trang

The Best Street Food in Hue

best hue street food
Hen Xuc Banh Trang

Hen xuc Banh Trang is one of the best Hue street food you can not skip. The main ingredient to make this folk specialty is clams. More specially, this is because Hue people takes the fresh clams from Con Hen island which is paradise for clams in Hue. Apart from it, the aroma and crunchiness of roasted rice paper served with sauteed clams also make this dish appealing. You can select to go by motorbike, bicycle or book a Hue food tour if you want to get an unforgettable experience trying this Hue street flavor.

Banh Canh Cua

Hue Crab Local Noodle

special hue street food
Crab Noodle Soup

Banh Canh seems to be no strange to all Vietnamese people. However, Banh Canh Cua is a nice street food with Hue authentic flavor sold on every corners in Hue. While eating, you will feel the flavorful taste of crab balls in your mouth. If you would like to enjoy a standard Banh Canh Cua taste,  Banh Canh O Bướm located in Hue cuisine street, Chi Lang Gia Hoi, always welcome you.

Banh Tom Ho Tay

Ha Noi cuisine in Hue

best hue street food tour
West Lake shrimp cake

Banh Tom Ho Tay is nowadays not only a popular finger food in Ha Noi capital but also strongly spreading in many street corners of Hue ancient town. Thanks to the harmonious combination of the crunchiness and fatty of flour served with Hue traditional sauce make this Hue specialty. As a result, although many of this street food restaurants do not locate in the center of the city, a lot Banh Tom diners keep flocking into these hidden corners. 

Below is list of Banh Tom Ho  Tay available in Hue alleys:

  1. No 83, Nguyen Hue street, Hue  city. 
  2. No 29 Le Hong Phong street,  Hue city.

Trung vit lon

Is It That Scary to Try?

hue street food
The Baby Duckling

It is probably a little scary at the first time looking at Trung Vit Lon inside. However, if you do not try, how to know the exact truth of it? Trung Vit Lon has been popular street food in Hue many years. Most of parts in Trung Vit Lon also contain nutrients like embryo, york and juicy water. Especially, Trung Vit Lon has this mysterious hot and cold combination according to Feng Shui in Hue cuisine which you can read more here. In fact, you are keen to seek it in Hue, just seeing the grandma who sitting on the sidewalk with a small oil lamp, this dish is always available for you regardless weather type. 

Nonetheless, if you want to step in more spacious restaurants, below is some for you.

  1. Trung Lon O Hue, No 20, Nhat Le street, Hue  city.
  2. Trung Lon Phung Hung, No 10 Phung Hung street, Hue city.

Banh Khot

One of the most famous Vietnamese dishes

hue street food
Khot Cake

Have you ever enjoyed Banh Khot yet?

As you know, the beautiful beach city, Vung Tau, is the place for the birth of Banh Khot Hue nowadays. However, the Hue lady has made a special mark for this street food. The harmonious combination of crunchy shell and the aroma of the inner kernel are irresistible for visitors’ craving.

Several nice places you can find Banh Khot in Hue:

  1. Banh Khot Hoan Thien, No 2/85, Nguyen Hue street, Hue city.
  2. Banh Khot Vung Tau, No 32/210, Phan Chu Trinh street, Hue city.

Bun Giam Nuoc

Truly one of a kind dish in Hue

hue street food
Bun Giam Nuoc Hue

It can be undeniable that the name of “Bun  Giam Nuoc” seems quite strange for first time visitors. However, this wonderful dish is truly special with Hue savory crab sauce and fresh Nuoc everyday. In case, you wonder what “Nuoc” is, you can refer more in here.

In short, the price for a perfect Bun Giam Nuoc bowl is only 25,000 VND and there is ONLY one street restaurant in Hue which serves this dish. Remember to do not miss when crossing Hue cuisine paradise – Chi Lang Gia Hoi street or you consider booking the Hue Walk of Street Culinary with a bubbly companion for your evening street food hunt in Hue.

You might be also interested in learning the special history of Chi Lang Gia Hoi via a walking tour.

Hoanh Thanh

The Special Hue Fusion Street Food

hue street food

If you are a big fan of Chinese cuisine, Hoanh Thanh street food can not be ignored on your list. Specially, you will be infatuated by the fragrant taste from handmade flour soft coat and savory smell from the inner kernel. Specifically, Hoang Thanh O Mai is the best place we recommend you! Located in Chi Lang Gia Hoi ancient town, you can visit O Mai to listen to their interesting family migrating stories and the origin of this special Hue fusion food. 

How to enjoy all the above?

To sum up, Hue cuisine is the top choice for a real feast for your eyes, a burst in your mouth and a treat for your ears. Ready for all the experience above? Join the Hue Food Tour by Bee Bee Travel now. You will guarantee to have the time of your life in Hue!

Hue Food Tour
Bee Bee Travel is a leading licensed tour operator providing a unique experience for travelers to Hue.

Tips for a great Hue Street Food Tour

For many visitors to Hue, it’s a challenge to find the right local restaurants for a wonderful food experience. Most of these Hue street food restaurants are either on a sidewalk or hidden in a small alleys. Thus, many choose to dine in a restaurant around Hue walking street. We believe their food is nice, however, it does not represent the real flavor of Hue and the price is more expensive.

Another fun option for those who truly want to go off the tourist tracks is booking a Hue Street Food tour with a local company. Interestingly enough, you get to expose to Vietnamese culture through many interaction with locals. Most importantly, you get valuable insights into the life of contemporary Vietnamese, their hopes and dreams while being taken around the city by them. Last but not at least, you help to contribute the local economy, specifically at these small family business restaurants that the tour takes you to. This, we believe, is real travel ethic that should be promoted more among responsible travelers.

Finally, which ever local company you choose your a Hue street food tour, make sure you check these important notes:

1. Tell your diet in advance.

Most of Hue Street Food are for meat eaters. However, Hue is wonderful land for vegan and vegetarian as well.

It’s worth for you to check out Hue Vegetarian Food Tour to see what tour for vegan foodie in Hue.

On a side note, many of these Hue dishes contains peanuts and sesame or diary products as they surely add great taste to Hue culinary, be sure to inform your chosen company.

2. Street food? Hmm, is it clean?

Many fussy foreigners thought you might eat in a dirty-looking place with poorly-prepared food. You are wrong! Vietnam’s quality of life has tremendously increased over the years. Thus, we actually prefer to have the best food in the best seating restaurants, even for street food. You even see pictures of former president Barack Obama and late chef Anthony Bourdain enjoying Bun Cha in Hanoi. That is how a street food restaurant look like!

hue street food vs hanoi street food

3. Make sure the tour company do these:

There are a few food tours in Hue either by walking or with motorbike. You won’t be driving when choosing the motorbike option. There are usually a local driver who takes you from one place to the other. However, for a safe tour in Hue, you make sure the company have international tour operator license. So are driving licenses require for drivers!

According to Vietnam tourism regulations, only licensed company is eligible for you to claim your travel insurance if things unexpectedly happen. You must travel by motorbike with a licensed driver.

Bee Bee Travel provides excellent motorbike tours with safe drivers.

4. What to prepare for Hue Street Food tour

Casual outfit and good shoes. If you have concern with your body size, ask for a Hue Flavor Cyclo Food Tour or Hue Car Services to enjoy the best of Hue has to offer.

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