Hoanh Thanh: The Special Hue Fusion Food

Have you ever heard about Hoanh Thanh stories?

As I know, this story is originally from the ancient Chinese. The name of the Hoanh Thanh was set by Càn Long Emperor, China. It is said that, Can Long Emperor was chased by the thief and lost on a road trip. He stopped at a restaurant after feeling hungry. Unluckily, the owner only had eggs, some flour and live shrimp, thus, with his creativity, he made a dish that he had never done before. Once finished, the Emperor immediately put the name “Hoanh Thanh”. “Hoanh Thanh” is derived from the Cantonese sound of “wonton” word.

a Wonton bowl

Hoanh Thanh has been a pretty popular dish of Chinese. However, it nowadays has been widely spread all over the world, especially in Hue. Hence, if you want to get an interesting experience with Hue cuisine, Hoanh Thanh is one of the delicious food you must try. In recent years, this food has won hearts of visitors by its wonderful fusion ingredients.

What the secrets behind the name Hoanh Thanh O Mai?

With Hoanh Thanh O Mai at Chi Lang street, this is a famous three-generation Chinese restaurant in Hue nowadays. According to O Mai, her family was originally from China who came in the 18th century. They brought with them Hoanh Thanh making recipe, thus, opened a small Chinese shop house at Chi Lang Gia Hoi. She is the third generation who lives in Hue. Their family wonton recipe has been inherited by her for over 10 years. After her father died, O Mai now thinks of passing down to her son, Bui A Son, who successfully makes his brand well-known among diners in Hue.

What makes Hoanh Thanh O Mai a Hue fusion specialty?

Just hearing the name of this dish, “Hoanh Thanh” also makes you pause to think. First of all, it is hard to notice the outside coat for a perfect Hoanh Thanh. The coat is made of the fresh flour and with the main secret recipe is the freshly made by hands dumplings from the skillful host.

Wonton cake

The second specialty we have to mention is the broth. They cook the broth from the mixture of marinated fresh pork and beef bones. Cooking during 3 to 4 hours until the sweetness and fragrance extract well in the pot.

Last but not least, there are several served spices with the wonton which add a distinctive favors to your taste. Firstly, you can see at the below image, the sweet and sour taste of pickle carrots and shallots makes the crunchy texture your mouth. Secondly, a little bit of spicy taste is from chili is the standard Hue flavor. What is more, the soy sauce makes this dish more bolder.

Several served spices

The dish will look extremely attractive with the very smooth and soft coat along with succulent smell from the kernel inside. It is sure that your mouth will boom when you feel full of sweet, sour and spicy taste from this special Hue fusion food. By the great combination from all the ingredients together will not make you disappointed.

Hoanh Thanh is a wonderful dish representing the culture exchange between Vietnamese and Chinese in 18th and 19th century in Hue. This is a reason why you must try this fusion dish in Chi Lang Gia Hoi ancient town.

How to enjoy Hoanh Thanh in Hue

O Mai restaurant always serves an available wonton bowl for you. Thus, it is very easy for you to eat. You just need to serve with the pickle carrots and shallots. What is more, adding a little of chili and soy sauce to feel the distinctive taste. Finally, enjoy it!

Hunting Hoanh Thanh in Chi Lang Gia Hoi

This special ancient town Chi Lang Gia Hoi is the paradise of Hue fusion food if you are on a Hue food hunt. While exploring the many amazing Hue dishes sold by Vietnamese – Chinese locals, you can admire the ancient tubing Vietnamese houses. What is more romantic, many Chinese Assembly Halls are available still as you walk along the narrow street with lanterns.

These are the famous Hue restaurants for you to hunt for Hoanh Thanh in Hue:

Hoanh Thanh O Mai

Opening hour: 8:30 AM – 21:00 PM

Price: 35,000  VND

Address: No 21, Chi Lang street, Hue city – opposite with Me Xung Thien Huong

Apart from, you can find in the two other branches in Hue city.

Branch 2: No 164, Mai Thuc Loan street, Hue city

Branch 3:No 44, Nguyen Sinh Cung Street, Hue city

Vietnamese – Chinese O Mai restaurant in Hue

Nothing is more wonderful for choosing this place once. You will surprise with a series of the fresh shrimp, barbecue pork, pork rolls… hidden below. Specially, the nice combination is from both Chinese recipe and Hue cuisine make a special and unforgettable aroma.

Pao Lóu Restaurant.

Besides, one other wonderful restaurant you can visit to enjoy the Chinese dish in Hue cuisine is Pao Lóu Restaurant.

Opening hour: 10:00 AM – 22:30   PM

Price: 45,000 VND  – 270,000 VND

Address: No 37  Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hue city

Pao Lóu Restaurant

If you are a hunter for Chinese food, you do not need to go far from your house. Pao Lóu Restaurant is a wonderful destination you must try. The Hue lady makes a perfect combination in both the leaves and its kernel.

Hue food tour
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