Banh Ep and Banh Trang Trung, Food To Eat in Hue Before Leaving

Hue City is not only well-known for many historical attractions but also the wonder land for great food. Besides a variety of its popular dishes such as Bun Bo Hue, Banh Khoai, Nem Lui and so on, there are a loads of Hue street food waiting for travelers to enjoy.

Two of Hue street dishes have been roaming every single corner in Hue city are “Banh Ep” (thin pancake or tapioca pancake) and “Banh Trang Trung” (Vietnamese pizza). Surprisingly, they which win the heart of the teenagers not only in Hue but also throughout Vietnam.

Have you ever heard of them before?

Banh Ep  (Thin Pancake)

Banh Ep originally comes from my hometown, Thuan An which is a 12-kilometre beautiful beach town in the East of Hue. Hence, the name of Banh Ep Thuan An sticks with it ever since.

So What Makes It So Popular and Special?

Banh Ep is made of well-mixed tapioca by Hue ladies’ hands. A well-marinated slide of pork with thin fat will sit on top the dough balls. You can actually request pate, dried beef, eggs to make your Banh Ep more optional and colorful.

Banh ep
Banh Ep Thuan An is the most famous place to sell the most delicious Banh Ep in Hue.

Once guests arrive at their seat to order their preference. The Banh Ep lady will put a nicely-prepared dough ball with topping in a mould then flatten it down until it is completely as thin as paper.

“Ep” means “flatten” or “thin”. You know where the name deprive from right?

Banh ep
Egg yorks, Tapioca, Pate are ingredients to make Banh Ep.

How to eat Banh Ep?

Rolling with a mountain of herbs, cucumber, green papaya and carrot finished with spicy (or non-spicy) colorful fish sauce, you have a Banh Ep roll for yourself!

The slight chewiness from pancake mixes with the crunchiness from mixed vegetables and the fattiness of the pork and eggs. The dipping into the flavorful fish sauce would also awake your taste buds with sensation. You will just keep rolling Banh Ep we warn you!

Banh Ep Rolls ready to eat!

There are two kinds of Banh Ep: wet and crispy. Wet Banh Ep is to eat immediately when it’s hot and crispy while dried one is to bring back home as gift for your friends. This can be a great snack to munch on while watching movies at home.


Dried Banh Ep to go!

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Banh Trang Trung (Vietnamese Pizza)

Banh Trang Trung or Vietnamese Pizza is on top of my “Food to Eat in Hue before I Die” too.

There are two parts that make a tasty Banh Trang Trung. The ground is crunchy rice paper while the topping includes pate, dried beef, eggs, shallots and chả (Vietnamese shredded balony).

Have a bite of Vietnamese pizza, you will start to experience the crispiness of fried rice paper from outside and the wonderful combination in the inside: a bit of sweet, a bit of salty and little bit spicy.

Banh trang trung
A watering-looking Vietnamese Pizza.

Where to eat Banh Ep and Banh Trang Trung?

Both Banh Trang Trung and Banh Ep are finger food to eat when it’s still hot. No tourist has rejected these two mouthwatering Hue dishes so far.

Check out Banh Ep Banh Trang Trung Nguyen Du at 20 Nguyen Du street, Hue City in the beautiful Ancient Chi Lang Town. Or you can simply book our Hue Foodie Tour to experience the best Hue street food in the best corners in Hue city without worrying of getting lost.

You eat, we drive!

Hue Food Tour by Bee bee Travel takes people to try hidden food corners in Hue.

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