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Singing and Eating in the Rain…

Okay, it sounds horrible when it comes to rainy season in Hue. In fact, today we started to have the first monsoon heavy rain in Hue City. Kenny and David from Singapore were among of our clients who hesitated to go on a tour with our Beebee Team. 

So they messaged us early in the morning:

Kenny: Do you know when the rain will stop?

Thu Ngo Vu: I don’t know Ken. But why wait for it to stop when we can create some fun? We send you the most hilarious tour guide today during Hue Free Walking Tour. Come on out and have fun with us!

Hue Free Walking Tour in the rain…

So they did come out and met us at Tipsy Pub n Bistro. They arrived a bit early. The group this morning were 7. The 5 coming from Canada and America. They were 5-min late. So in our company’s rule, it does not matter if you are guests or staff, if you are late, you will do pushups to match with how late you are! The American and Canadian group were supposed to do 5 pushups each person to be eligible to join our tour. Luckily, the elderly Kenny and David forgave them and Tu, our handsome and clever tour guide, began the tour…in the rain!

Tu gave them Hue History Information under the roof of Saigon Morin Hotel.
Walking in the rain…in Hue City
David sent us a message immediately after the tour to thank us for the history tour of Hue.

David said ” We enjoyed the walking tour you ( Tu) conducted in-spite of having to get wet in the monsoon rain. The tour provided us with information which we may not be able to find it in the internet. Meeting other young nationals and exchanging information is also very much of the experience we enjoyed. Thank you and wish you success and good luck in your career. David and Ken”.

The gang still had some real fun even in the rain in Hue.

The Fun Hue Food Tour in the rain?

In the evening, the rain did not stop yet! However, after the walking tour in the morning, Kenny and David did not want to waste time on watching the rain and the world go by in bitterness so they decided to book the All About Hue Food Tour with us.

So we did come to their hotel picking them up and getting ready for a fun food tour.

The Preparation

Dressing up in purple raincoats, so Hue right?

The Amazing Hue Food

Banh Ep, thin pancake with egg, pate, dried beef dipped in fish sauce.
Egg yorks, Tapioca, Pate are ingredients to make Banh Ep.
Banh Trang Trung, Vietnamese Pizza and Banh Ep.
Bun Bo Hue, the umissable dish when you visit Hue
Nem Lui, Kenny and David said they are similar with “satay” but the sauce really makes a difference.
The making of Banh Loc in a home-run business.

Read our blog about “Top Local Hue Food You Need to Try“.

The Amazing Drink

Trà đào, the must-try drink in Hue.

The Silly Selfies

But first, let me take a selfie!
We are cool and we know it! – With Banh Ep lady.
Everyone in Singapore must see Banh Beo, Nam, Loc on FaceBook…
“I am gonna stand up so that you see me clearlier!” – said Kenny.
Mot, Hai, Ba…Do! at Salt Coffee Shop, a one-of-a-kind coffee in Hue City.

The Chicken Dance

We danced in the rain…

The Cheekiness and Laughters

The cheeky boss and cheeky “Handsome and Clever” Tu.

Well, you see! Is that enough for you to forget the fact it is raining outside?

Don’t worry! We have a popular saying in during the war that said “Singing loud enough, you won’t hear the bombardment!“.

We see you in Hue!

Thu Ngo Vu and Team. 

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