Banh Mi Dong Ba: “The three-generation Banh Mi recipe in Hue”

Banh Mi is one of the top Vietnam local food. A result of France and Vietnamese cuisine co-creation, however, Banh Mi quickly conquers the world. There are many Banh Mi branches in Hue, however, the Banh Mi Dong Ba brings a distinctive flavor to the richness of Hue culinary. If you are a Hue local food hunter, let’s explore Hue food tour to find out this special dishes, the three-generation Banh My recipe in Hue.

Banh Mi Dong Ba Hue
Banh Mi Dong Ba Hue

Let’s explore with us how special it is?

Hue Banh Mi recipe including Nem, fried eggs, homemade egg sauce, pate and featured sauce. What is more, the herbs and cucumbers also contribute to the flavor of Banh Mi.

Especially, Nem makes the art of this dish. They make fresh Nem from minced pork every day. Its progress through fermenting with a mix of fresh chili, pepper and minced garlic. Then, grill it until it slightly becomes smokey. Happily, you will see full of grilled Nem inside Banh Mi.

Apart from, the pate taste also concentrates in Banh Mi Dong Ba which becomes their heirloom food.

Surprisingly, this special Banh Mi Dong Ba recipe has been passed down to 3 generations making it the oldest Banh Mi branch in Hue.

If you have the chance to enjoy here once, Banh Mi Dong Ba will not make you disappointed. With the heirloom pate sauce and the Nem homemade filled in the loaf of crunchy bread, Banh Mi Dong Ba brings you a warm winter.

The story of Banh My Dong Ba

Have you ever thought of the origin of this name?

Dong Ba bread restaurant

It is originally from the name of Dong Ba market, where is the largest and most famous market in Hue. Hue people explains that “DONG’ word means the Eastern direction of the Citadel and “BA” – 3 AM means the market opens at 3 AM for wholesale and closes at 9 PM. Due to the attraction of many tourists come here along with the popularity of Banh Mi in Dong Ba market. Both are the reason for the birth of this popular name.

How to find Banh Mi Dong Ba in Hue

There are two main firms built in Hue city with an only one owner. You do not worry if you book a hostel in the South or North. Banh mi Dong Ba is always willing to welcome you to both sides. Hence, you do not forget to find it in priority:

BANH MI GIA TRUYEN DONG BA Opening hour: 5:30 AM – 7 PM Price: Only 7,000 VND – 10,000 VND Branch 1: No 100, Chi Lang Street, Hue City Branch 2: No  45, Ngo Quyen Street, Hue city

Banh mi Dong Ba, 45 Ngo Quyen, Hue

Banh Mi Gia Truyen Dong Ba is not only spread by its delicious taste. When visiting here you will feel the warm hospitality.

Instead of eating non-authentic food in the tourist restaurant, why don’t you join our Hue Food Tour to experience Hue local food only locals choose to eat. I make sure that you will have an unforgettable experience with this street food in this ancient land.


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