Banh Tom Ho Tay in Hue: “West Lake Shrimp Cake”

Banh Tom Ho Tay is originally from Ha Noi capital in a long period of time. It has known for one of the bewitching dishes thousands of tourists. Nowadays, it not only names in the heart of the Hanoi people, you also can explore its delicious taste as one of Hue special local food.

West Lake Shrimp Cake

What makes Banh Tom Ho Tay attractive?

Surprisingly, just with the pretty simple ingredients, the customers still fall in love with own distinctive taste.

West Lake Shrimp Cake Ingredients

There are three main ingredients to make an impressive Banh Tom Ho Tay. An indispensable material first is flour. People can use either the flour or tapioca starch to process this dish. The flour is thickened with chicken eggs, clean water and sugar as long as the ratio of both just enough sweetness and keep the crispness of the cake.

Secondly, the crunchy and fat taste is a part from the sweet potato. Cutting the shell and slices in long shape, not too thin helps keep the fat of the sweet potato. Soaking in the salt for a while before proceeding to be clean and crisp. Last but not least is the preference to the freshest shrimps. Marinated them with fish sauce, pepper, sweeteners to get a distinctive flavor.

West Lake Shrimp Cake
Pickle potato and papaya

Besides, the sourness and crunchiness of pickled carrots and papaya also contribute a vital part to make Banh Tom Ho Tay specialty.

West Lake Shrimp Cake
The fish sauce

What is more, an important element cannot be ignored with the Hue traditional cuisine is the sauce. Unlike the sweet taste in Ha Noi, it seems saltier to suitable with Hue people. The sauce is stirred with the chopped mixture of fresh garlic and chili along with a little sugar and lemon juice to have enough sour, salty and sweet taste of the cake.

Its process is similar to fried flour, though thanks to the aroma of fresh shrimp and Hue handmade fish sauce cuisine have made a singular difference.

How to make Banh Tom Ho Tay

To have a cracky Banh Tom Ho Tay, the process is pretty simple. First of all, mix the flour and sweet potato in a bowl, do not forget to add a little baking powder to create the crunchiness texture. The following step is adding with freshly ground spiced shrimp on the surface to make an original impression. The cake is covered in hot oil pan until the cake has a fragrant of shrimp and sweet potato, combining the crispness of the flour.

West Lake Shrimp Cake
Boiling the West Lake Shrimp Cake

How to enjoy this Hue street food?

What a blessing! Nothing is hard to get started with this wonderful dish. You just need to wrap full of the ingredients inside rice paper. Nonetheless, it can not miss a little lettuce to reduce the fat taste of the cake and increase the craving for a series of other cakes. Finally, dip into the fish sauce as long as fits well with your mouth. Then, enjoy it!

West Lake Shrimp Cake
Bee Bee Travel with visitors

Where to eat in Hue ancient city

Banh Tom Ho Tay is in the lists of the mouth-watering food on the Hue cold weather like this. Several highly recommended  Hue restaurants below you should spend a part of your time:

Banh Tom Ho Tay – Nguyen Hue

Opening hours: 14:00 PM – 22:00 PM

Price: 10,000 VND – 20,000 VND

Address: No 83, Nguyen Hue, Hue city

West Lake Shrimp Cake
Nguyen Hue diner

This diner is one of the famous street restaurant laying on small alley in Hue Imperial city. However, it attracts visitors by crunchy cake and the rich flavor of the fish sauce.

Banh Tom Ho Tay – Le Hong Phong

Opening hours: 14:00 PM – 21:00 PM

Price: 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND

Address: No 29, Le Hong Phong, Hue city

West Lake Shrimp Cake
Le Hong Phong diner

Anyone visiting Hue has to eat at this Hue local restaurant. For the reason that we feel satisfied with the friendly staff and the sauce specialty make the highlight for this Hue street food.

Banh Tom Ho Tay Duy Tan

Opening hour: 16:00 PM – 21:30 PM

Price: 12,000 VND – 25,000 VND

Address: No 139, Duy Tan Street, Hue city

West Lake Shrimp Cake
Duy Tan diner

Although it is not in the center alleys of this ancient city. People reveal that spending their time off after finishing work to get here is not wasting time. They are attracted to the delicious taste which is a mixture of egg and red shrimp, the brittle taste of sweet potato and finally the sour papaya.

Have you ever felt the Hue traditional food on rainy days? Do not worry about that, I guarantee Banh Tom Ho Tay will not make you disappointed. Especially, explore with Bee Bee Travel who promises to warm you up in the winter days and do a fruitful experience for you.

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