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Best Banh Canh Cua in Hue: “Hue Crab Local Noodle”

Are you passionate about Vietnam traditional food? Hue is a famous land for traditional dishes. It is a deficiency for a food exploration trip if you skip Banh Canh Cua Hue. Although it is Hue street food, its savory is as heavenly delicious as many other Hue royal dishes. Trying Hue Crab Local Noodle, it’s difficult to forget the taste of Hue food cooking by the Hue local.
Hue Crab Local food

What makes the best Banh Canh Cua Hue?

First and foremost in this Hue street food, the most important ingredient is crab balls. They are a wonderful mixture of pureed pork and crab marinated well together. The handmade fresh noodle is cooked in the pot beforehand. However, with such skills and experience, the food still stays strong and have such a nice texture when you eat it hot.
fresh noodle is cooked in the pot beforehand.
Fresh noodle is cooked in the pot beforehand.
A bowl of Banh Canh Cua Hue with full topping will have pieces of pig’s cracker, pigskin, Vietnamese crab balls garnished with tiny scallions. While eating, you will feel the flavorful taste of crab balls in your mouth.
Boiled, cha, tre.
                                                                           Cha, tre….
Additionally, depending on your eating hobby, you can also add chili fish sauce, boiled quail eggs, Cha and Tre into your bowl to make an eye-catching dish.
pigskins cracker
                                                               Pigskins cracker.
Perhaps, pigskin crackers are the special ingredient of Hue Crab local noodle. It is mainly from pigskin, deep-fried until turning into yellow color with interesting crunchiness. This Hue ingredient is also in various of Hue street food such as Bun-Com-Mi Hen, Banh Beo and so on which makes such as unique impression about Hue Cuisine.

Where to have the best Banh Canh Hue?

Banh Canh O Buom Opening hour: 4pm-10pm Price: 10,000VND-15,000VNd/Bowl Address: No 2 Chi Lang street, Hue City.

banh canh cua Hue
That’s an interesting dish, right? You will be immediately addicted to it for the first time you see the color and savory of the broth. Known as a hue cheap eat Banh Canh Cua Hue in here is suitable for everyone’s pocket. Don’t miss it out!

Banh Canh Ba Doi Opening hour: 6am-9pm Price: 15,000VND-20,000VND/ Bowl Address: No 1 Duong Van An street, Hue City.

banh canh
With the name “Ba Doi”. The wait to enjoy the dish is unavoidable, you try to be patient to experience the Hue food though. Also, find out why the restaurant is “Banh Canh Ba Doi”. As you can see, the material is separate that it is easy for the tourist to eat follow their favorite.

Banh Canh Cua Roi Huong Opening hour: 6am-7pm Price: 20,000VND-30,000VND/Bowl Address: No 30 Pham Hong Thai Street, Hue City

banh canh
If you are a gourmet, you cannot withdraw from the Hue local Crab in here. The taste is absolutely exceptional. The harmony of fresh crab and other ingredients make broth become sweeter. When in Hue, remember to drop by Pham Hong Thai Street to enjoy this nutritious food. Be careful! You may be slurped the broth till the last drop. If you are traveling in Hue, you will not forget the flavor of Banh Canh Cua once trying. It is a marvelous Vietnamese noodle dis Bee Bee Travel hosts wonderful and fun Hue Food tour.
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Have ever tried “Banh Canh Cua”, a wonderful Hue street food yet? Don’t forget to join in food tour in Hue to explore this special dish! You will guarantee to have an amazing experience.
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