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Best Bun Bo Hue: Hue Beef Noodle Soup

One of the top Hue local food you must try is the Bun Bo Hue, or the Hue Beef Noodle Soup. Many Hue food blogs about raves about this Hue specialty to be the best soup in the world. We even see Anthony Bourdain in Part Unknown: Hue, Vietnam sitting on sidewalks in a corner of peaceful Hue to eat Bun Bo.

Best bun bo Hue
Best bun bo Hue

So what makes it the best Hue food you need to try? Let’s explore with Bee Bee Travel about the secret to the best Bun Bo Hue.

What makes the best Bun Bo Hue?

You know Anthony Bourdain, a famous chef exclaimed that “Bun Bo Hue is the best soup in the world!” Let’s find out why bun bo Hue makes a strict food reviewer like Bourdain announced such a glowing compliment!

Anthony Bourdain enjoys best bun bo Hue
Anthony Bourdain enjoyed Bun bo Hue.

In the early days, a perfect bowl of Bun Bo Hue includes fresh rice noodles on a bed of colorful herbs. The topping offers a wide range of selection that even the fussiest eaters have their favorite options.

There comes a big pot of juicy big shanks, lean beef, dotted with cubes of pig blood, crab balls, and of course, the most important secret here is the unique broth which makes this Hue dish famous.

How to make Bun Bo

Like other Hue typical food, the bun bo Hue cooking process is elaborate. It reflects the age and quintessence of Hue ancient capital. The Hue lady has to prepare the broth first. This is a result of cooking the juicy pork and beef bones with herbs one day early.

Moreover, what makes it different is a special Vietnamese spice called “mam ruoc” or small shrimp paste. The broth will smell strong and sharp. However, the second most – important ingredient in Bun Bo is the lemongrass which will be added at the later end of Bun Bo Hue cooking process.

It helps to ease the typical fragrance of shrimp paste. In return, a mild flavor slightly mix with the smell of citronella making Bun Bo Hue irresistible to many visitors to Hue.

How to eat Bun Bo the right way

A ready to eat Bun Bo Hue.

Firstly, let’s choose your own liking. There are many kinds of meat to choose from. You can have cha medium rare beef, somebig chunk of pork. Many foreign visitors don’t like the cube of pig blood. However, for many Vietnamese, pig blood is said to bring a lot of potassium for your body.

Secondly, adding the broth over the noodles if you want and garnish with the chopped spring onion and paper-thin sliced onion to make eye-catching.

Last but not least, remember to serve with extra sate, bean sprouts, Thai basil, banana flower, lemon, and chili make you enjoy this dish more.

Bun Bo Hue vs Pho: What is the difference?

Many visitors to Vietnam wonder what the difference of Bun Bo Hue vs Pho is. Many argue that one is more flavorful from other. However, we are here to tell you that they both represent the high stage of the art of Vietnam cuisine, thus, needing to try both.

Pho Hue
Pho Hue

While Bun boodle has a long and round shape, noodle in Pho is square. Secondly, the star anise and cinnamon are what makes Pho broth flavorful. The Bun Bo Hue’s broth stands out with its unique shrimp paste and citronella.

Last but not at least, you get to choose many topping to go together in your Bun Bo Hue bowl such pig loins, crab balls while with Pho, you will enjoy fully the sweet and soft taste of medium rare beef with the typical Chinese “quay”.

Where to try the Best Bun Bo Hue

Whenever you want to visit the romantic Hue city, you can be easy to seek out a lot of famous restaurants for Bun Bo. Nonetheless, Nonetheless, they are not as authentic as advertised. We are here to show you the best Bun Bo Hue only local knows.


Opening hour: 6:30 AM – 11 AM

Price: About 15,000 VND – 30,000 VND

Address: No 6,  Tran Thuc Nhan Street, Hue city

Bun bo O Cuong Chu Diep
Bun bo O Cuong Chu Diep

This is a must-visit Hue restaurant if you want to enjoy the sweetness of the bone along with the sweet fragrance of each piece of soft spring rolls that are served with. More importantly, it will be a delicious bowl with the enthusiastic service of the owner here.


Opening hours: 9 AM – 9 PM

Price: 30,000 VND – 35,000 VND

Address: No 24, Nguyen Khuyen Street, Hue city.

Bun bo O Phuong
Bun bo O Phuong

I believe you will never regret to try here once. You can relax and enjoy the rich taste of water with soft beef pieces in the clean space here.


Opening hour: 5:30 AM – 9 PM

Price: 15,000 VND – 25,000 VND

Address: No 162, Mai Thuc Loan Street, Hue city.

Bun bo O Hoa
Bun bo O Hoa

If you travel to Hue on a budget, BUN BO O HOA is the perfect place for you with this Hue’s distinctive flavor.

The picture of visitors with Hue Food Tour by Bee Bee Travel

No matter who you are, I am sure that Bun Bo Hue is one of the top name called for trying first. Let’s try to take advantage of the wonderful Hue local cuisine while traveling to Hue.

Have ever tried “Bun Bo”, the best Hue specialty yet? Don’t forget to join these food tours in Hue to explore this special dish! You will guarantee to have an amazing experience in Hue.

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