A Colorful Story of Hue

This is Matt from South Africa. He has been living and working as a teacher in South Korea for 5 years. Since Matt loves history and only spent one day in Hue City, thus, he wanted to make the most of it by taking part in the Nguyen Emperors Tour with Beebee Travel. There were total three people going on the Hue Imperial City Tour with me that day. The couple come from Australia are Joanna and David. Joanna is also a teacher and David works as accountant.

After the fruitful tour learning about Vietnam history and the Nguyen Emperors who built the must-see Hue Imperial City. This is the lovely letter Rikus wrote to us on TripAdvisor:

A Colorful Story of Hue

“I went on the Imperial City tour to learn more about the history of the city, and the guide did not disappoint. The citadel is majestically, and it houses years of history and millions of stories. Su, the guide, was very well prepared and she was able to answer all of our questions. She made the tour fun by asking us questions as well, and she engaged all of the travelers. The sunset from the watchtower was unbelievable. I would highly recommend this tour. We spend about 4 hours walking 5kms. I would not recommend visiting the citadel without a guide like Su.”

To give you evidence of the Hue Citadel covered in the sunset, here is the picture taken on that day!

Sunset over the Hue Citadel

Joanan and David also wrote to us:

Free Walking Tour Hue and Citadel Tour – What fantastic ways to see this lovely city with two vibrant young people with a passion for their city,a lovely sense of humour and a deep knowledge of their country’s history. Tu ( our free walking tour guide) and Thu ( Citadel Tour) both really brought this experience to life for us. Thank you both for a fantastic day. We thoroughly recommend Beebee Travel when visiting Hue.”

These feedback keep us believing in our mission, which is bring Hue closer to you and bring Vietnam history to life.

Come and explore wonderful story of Hue and Vietnam in any of our tours via www.beebeetravel.com or www.huefreetour.com.

See you in Hue!

Thu Ngo Vu and Team.


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