Chi Lang Gia Hoi Walking Tour

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Start time: 08:30 and 14:00
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Min Age : 4+
  • Experience the ONLY HUE CITY WALKING TOUR in the Ancient town Chi Lang Gia Hoi.
  • Trace the ruins of Japanese, Chinese and Indian merchants in Hue.
  • Explore Hue fusion street food in the oldest port town of Hue.
Chi Lang Gia Hoi Walking Tour| Trace The Ruins Of Japanese And Chinese In Hue

The Chi Lang Gia Hoi walking tour is an outstanding Hue half day walking tour not only for its educational feature but also social meanings. This is specially designed for those curious travelers to trace the remained ruins of an ancient port town in Hue that most visitors don’t know it exists.

While Hoi An ancient town is overrated yet overcrowded for many ancient history lovers, Chi Lang Gia Hoi, which started and built at the same period as Hoi An, is unnoticeable in a secluded corner of Hue. Tracing its ruins and learning of its glory are what make this Hue city walking tour a thrilling experience.

Chi Lang- Hue


During this walk in Chi Lang Gia Hoi, you will experience the multi-cultural aspect of Hue through its excellent representatives still remained. To name a few, Japanese Martial art house which you will hear the story of a Japanese man who came to Hue during the World War II and started the Karatedo Vietnam after Japanese Force fell in Asia. Many well-preserved Chinese Assembly Halls, similar to those in Hoi An, are waiting for you to explore. The only difference is that you won’t fight for space in these quiet, yet, stunning buildings.

What awesome experience you will get?

08:30: The Introduction of Chi Lang Gia Hoi Walking Tour

The special walk in Chi Lang Gia Hoi would start with an introduction at a little corner-y coffee shop called Hue Cafe Roastery. It sets on the side of Hue Citadel precinct in a classic 1950s and 1960s modernist house looking over the Dong Ba canal and historic Dieu De pagoda. Here with a cup of “Cafe Sua Da”, you will understand the beginning of Chi Lang Gia Hoi and what outstanding architecture you will walk through during this Hue unique tour.

9:30 The Japanese Cultural Representative

You will start to walk over the Dong Ba bridge to visit the Japanese Martial Art House. It also is addressed with the name Suzucho Karatedo Vietnam memorial house. Here attached with a story of Mr. Suzuki Choji who founded Vietnam Karatedo in Hue in 1960 and continued to support the Revolution of Vietnam even though he came to fight for Japanese force at first. The renovated building itself follows the traditional Japanese style which is currently served as the martial art hall for many young Karatedo disciples.

Hoanh Thanh

10:00 The Flashback of Indian Merchants

You will continue to walk through winding road on Bach Dang with a density of ancient houses still available to see. We take you for a brief look at one of the rare Indian architecture still remained in town on Chi Lang road.
Due to an authority issue, we won’t take you inside the house. However, this is an outstanding example of how busy Chi Lang Gia Hoi used to be in the 18th century.
Also, a wonderful chance for you to experience the Hue fusion food, the Hoanh Thanh O Mai. She is a Chinese descendant who came with a tradition of making the most delicious Hoanh Thanh you could find in Hue.

11:00 Chinese Heritage in Hue

As walking through Chi Lang road, our host will point out many interesting Vietnamese tubing houses as well as French yellow concrete house along the way. We will stop at the Hai Nan Temple, in which, the story of 108 Chinese merchants unfortunate deaths created a distinctive culture within many Chinese immigrants groups around the world, will be a hightlight for you.
Not only that, you will admire Chinese ornate structures in Fukien and Canton Assembly Halls.

12:00 Time to be a little nostalgic!

At the end of Chi Lang Gia Hoi walking tour, we will explain to you while this port town is fading away though used to be bustling in 19th century. We will slow ourselves a bit from this rapid way of life out there to enjoy the scenic Perfume River looking over Con Hen island in a charming riverside cafe shop within the Chi Lang Gia Hoi town.

Finally, we set you back to town with a relaxing and short boat trip on the Perfume River. From the boat, the image and many untold story of Chi Lang Gia Hoi will be concluded in your eyes.

Travel Tips

6 Useful Tips for a great Chi Lang Gia Hoi Walking Tour

Why we had this special Hue Walking Tour for you?

1. If not now, then when?

It’s a sadness inside all of us to see such a valuable ancient town with many unique architectures being torn down due to the rapid urbanization in Vietnam. The question is “How can we preserve this for our next generation?”.

What you can help is to join with us, hear their story, and spread the words! Then some people will be “awake”!

2. Hue walking area

Chi Lang Gia Hoi Walking Tour is unlike any other daily tours in Hue. Uniquely, we will be walking towards the three most-concentrated old avenues which stay great collection of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese ancient houses. To give you an idea, its total walking distance is about 2,5 kilometers from Huynh Thuc Khanh street to Bach Dang and Chi Lang street.

3. Entrance fee

We cover your total fee, Hue street food and donation to these ancient houses.

Yes, our donation to these ancient houses is small, yet, meaningful enough for those who live inside to realize its value. We hope they won’t tear it down for a brand new modern building in the future.

Also, we hope to spread words to our government to pay attention to them. “We love our country’s history and are proud of our cultural identity”. Hope you can join with us on this journey!

4. Make the most of your learning experience 

While most tourists prefer to do what we call “the sheep tour”, this special Hue city walking tour is great for those who’d like to break from the crowd and eagerly learn the most beautiful ancient town in Hue.
Plan and read ahead: please book ahead of time, however, for urgent tour, give us a shout in the live chat. We believe, your trip is more meaningful with a local friend to tell your meaningful stories of the Hue unique ancient town.

5. Tour departure time

Our tours start at 08’30 and 14’00 even in the rain. Approximately, tour duration is around 3 hours.

6. What to prepare

Good walking shoes, your curiosity and open heart! Moreover, we will provide you with colorful conical hat or funky poncho depends on the weather.


Especially, 10% of profit from Chi Lang Gia Hoi Walking Tour would be going towards the preservation of this ruined port town. Our donation to these ancient houses is small, yet, meaningful enough for those who live inside to realize its value. We hope they won’t tear it down for a brand new modern building in the future. Also, we hope to spread words to our government to pay attention to them. Let’s support us on this journey!

What to consider before booking

Tour Guide

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  • Pick up and drop off at hotel ( private tour)
  • All food/ coffee/ tea that mentioned in the program
  • Donation and entrance fee to all sites
  • Water and wet tissue
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal tip
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