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Min Age : 5+
  • Enjoy a motorbike tour sampling excellent HUE VEGAN & VEGETARIAN food with a local foodie
  • Explore the Buddhism-influenced Hue local dishes at vegetarian restaurants only us know
  • Zipping around Hue at night on a motorbike, including a visit to the illuminating Hue Citadel
Hue Vegetarian Food Tour | As Experienced by famous blogger, To Travel Too
See their video experience as below

The Hue Vegetarian Food Tour helps vegan and vegetarian eaters who love exploring Hue local food having the best foodie experience in Hue. Furthermore, you get to experience an one-on-one food experience in Hue with our safe motorbike drivers.

While most of food options in Hue cater a majority of meat-eaters, our idea is specially for those who still want to learn the art of Hue non-meat cuisine. Surprisingly, Hue is a wonderful land for vegan and vegetarian because it has a great Buddhist influence on our local culinary.

Secondly, our Hue Vegetarian Food selection will come with 3 best Hue vegetarian restaurants with most delicious vegan Hue food.

Uniquely enough, you will learn “why and how” in Hue vegetarian, which we believe most important on your exposure to Vietnamese eating culture.

Last but not at least, our Hue local guide is highly praised on TripAdvisor for their excellent English competence, their passion for food and wonderful story – telling skill. This is the most important “ingredients” we believe making our Hue vegetarian food tour most unique in Hue!


Hue Vegetarian Food Tour Menu

Firstly, our Hue Vegetarian food menus below have been frequently experienced by many of our previous clients. Furthermore, all of these Hue vegetarian dishes are locally eaten by many Buddhist followers on Full Moon and off moon festival.

Also, we pick are the best Hue vegetarian for you based on their tastiness and family story. They are all small family run business that are hidden ones in the alleys. This helps to support them and introduce you a brand new experience in Hue. 

You will be firstly pick up by our motorbike drivers who are also your foodie guides for the evening. Together you will explore Hue at night through various cafe and vegetarian restaurants hidden in many secluded corners of Hue. Truly, the nice atmosphere in these eatery combined with the food will make you fall in love with this ancient city. Finally, at the end of the night, we will drive you pass the Hue Citadel to see lightning at Ngu Phung tower. This tour is a great way to spend the evening in Hue with local people.

We have two Hue vegetarian menus to choose from. Please state to us which one you prefer and we make it happen for you! 

The Traditional Hue Vegetarian

Beautifully speaking, this is a legend menu for curious visitors who have special crave for Hue traditional vegetarian food. Subsequently, it’s worth to mention the wonderful Nem ran chay and Ca Tim Kho Gung.

  1. Banh Nam Loc Chay: Hue vegetarian steam cakes
  2. Banh Khoai Chay: Hue vegetarian pancake
  3. Nem Rán Chay: Deep-fried mung bean spring rolls
  4. Thap Nhi Nhan Duyen salad: the 12-fate Buddhism salad
  5. Cà Tím Kho Gừng Sả: Braised aubergine in ginger, chive and lemongrass sauce
  6. The Che: Hue been dessert

The Hue Seasonal Blend

Interestingly, this is an excellent menu to try home-cooked dinner for your Hue Vegetarian Food Tour. You will be able to enjoy two most famous Vietnamese vegetarian dishes. Subsequently, they are the tasty Va Tron Chay and Nam Kho To.

  1. Va Tron Chay: Vegetarian fig salad
  2. Nam Kho To: Caramelized mushroom in clay pot
  3. Khuôn Đậu Xốt Cà: Deep-fried tofu with tomato and soya sauce
  4. Lau Chay: Hue Vegetarian Hot Pot
  5. The Che: Hue been dessert
Travel Tips

5 useful tips for a great Hue Vegetarian Food Tour

1.Which food menu to choose?
    • Do the Traditional Hue Vegetarian menu if you want to taste the original taste of Hue. Even many restaurants in your country claim that they serve authentic Hue vegetarian food, we are here to tell you that: they are NOT authentic flavors of Hue. After trying the food tour with Bee Bee Travel, you will never look at Vietnamese dishes in your country the same!
    • Do the Hue Seasonal Blend if you love experiencing a burst of flavors in your mouth, a feast for your eyes and a treat for your ears for many wonderful stories from our guide.
2. Tell us your diet in advance.

Usually, there are peanuts, sesame and eggs in most of Hue vegetarian. Thus, if you experience allergy on any of those ingredients, just give us a shout!

3. Is your partner a vegetarian, but you are not?

Give us a shout! Alternatively, we could fit you for a food tour in Hue that your diets will be both well-taken care! Wonder how we do that? Just join the tour to find out!

Also, you would love to learn how to make these dishes? Join our Hue Vegetarian Cooking Class now!

4. Other safety issue to note:
  • There are many cheaper food tour options for you to consider, however, we believe choosing restaurants with top level of hygiene and authenticity help our clients having a safe food tour while enjoying a one-on-one experience with our local guide
  • Company license and tour guide driving license: Only licensed company and tour guide with driving license are eligible for you to claim your travel insurance if things unexpectedly happen. On a side note, our local guides are well trained of safety policy. They are required to have driving license when working for our company.
5. What to prepare for Hue Vegetarian Food Tour:

casual outfit and good shoes. If you have concern with your body size on a bike, we can provide you with Hue cyclo tour or private car option (extra charged applied). Also, in case of rain, you will be provided a raincoat.

What to consider before booking

Tour Guide

  • Local guide


  • Food and Drink
  • Helmet for safety
  • Rain coat (rainy)
  • Your personal expenses
2 Reviews
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Ben Julia

Couple Traveller

Vegan food adventure in Hue

Having enjoyed a food tour in Hanoi a few days before, we decided to book this vegetarian tour in Hue. We were able to book just the night before over WhatsApp and our guide, Ngoc, arrived bang on time with a taxi to get us on our way.

We started off with a salted coffee in a lovely little coffee shop; this was the best coffee I had over two weeks in Vietman. Here we were able to get to know Ngoc a little in a laid back setting which was a nice start to what was a very enjoyable evening with her.

We went on to two different vegetarian restaurants where we tried an array of different dishes, all quite different from each other and all delicious. We loved trying things that we may have never have thought of ordered if we arrived by ourselves.

Over the course of a few hours we learnt a lot about the food, the way it’s cooked and its origins along with much about the culture and society in Vietnam and especially Hue of which Ngoc is extremely proud.

We ended the evening at a street food stall for dessert. We were ordered a mix of many different flavoured bean puddings which was bizarre but surprisingly tasty!

I highly recommend this tour. Ncog was the perfect host, generous with a lovely sense of humour.

Thank you,
Ben & Julia

January 9, 2020

Jane and Duncan

Couple Traveller

Easily the ONLY food tour of Hue for VEGETARIANS!
You can imagine the excitement when one of the To Travel Too Team saw a Vegetarian Food Tour Hue advertised. Some of our favorite things to do when we visit new destinations are walking tours and food tours, it is a way for us to get to the real heart of a city.
Hue has an abundance of walking and food tours to choose from. Our ‘go to’ local tour operator in Hue Vietnam is Bee Bee Travel. During our stay in Hue City we have taken an Imperial Hue City Tour and the Walk of Revolution Tour with them, both were excellent tours and we learnt so much about Hue and its importance in the history of Vietnam.
Don’t hesitate to book with them! They will take good care of you special diet while traveling through Hue!

November 2, 2019
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